School Safety

  • Create effective cooperation with School Resource Officers to enhance school safety and reduce bullying.
  • Continue to work with our county supervisors to complete the implementation of stop arm cameras and enhance bus safety.
  • Guarantee our schools are a protected place for students and staff, and not vulnerable to surprise attacks by school shooters. 
  • Provide continued training and education for our school staff so they and our children can be confident they are safe at all times.

Financial Responsibility

  • Advocate for a line by line school budget to ensure successful programs are funded.
  • Reallocate funds to the classroom from unsuccessful programs to strengthen basic academic skills.
  • Ensure taxpayers are getting the most for their hard-earned tax dollars.
  • Provide classroom supplies to teachers.
  • Balance the teacher pay scale threshold in order to bring teachers to market value.

Innovative Education

  • Expand the Career Training Center to develop career ready graduates.
  • Strengthen our partnerships with local colleges to initiate new training opportunities for our students.
  • Reduce classroom size and reduce the student to teacher ratio.
  • Create an education environment that is student focused.

As a parent of three students in the Chancellor District, it is essential to me to be part of the solutions for important issues. I will be your voice and I will serve you.