About Phillip Scott


I want to take some time to tell you a little about myself. My name is Phillip Scott. My wife, Elisabeth, and I have three daughters. We live in the Chancellor District in Spotsylvania, VA. Our oldest daughter is enrolled at Brock Road Elementary School. This fall, our twins will be enrolled at Brock Road as well.

I have been a resident of this community since 2010 when Elisabeth and I purchased our home. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Religion and a Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership from Liberty University. I recently finished my Juris Master’s in American Legal Studies this summer. My education has provided me with the tools and resources I need to serve the Chancellor District on the Spotsylvania School Board. As a current student, I recognize the value in a solid educational foundation and the role it plays in preparing our next generation for their future endeavors. 

I have a passion for community and community involvement. I served on the board of directors for my property owner's association for three years as treasurer and president. During my time as treasurer, I worked together with the finance committee to present a balanced budget with no increase in annual dues. As president, I worked together with the dams committee and our engineer to explore alternative approaches to  bring our dams in compliance with state regulations. Our innovative solutions reduced the projected cost by over 80% and saved our property owner's association millions. I have also served on the Architectural and Environmental Control Committee, the Security Committee, the Bylaws Review Committee, and the Finance Committee.

I  have been equipping children, youth, and young adults for the challenges of life for over 20 years. As an Eagle Scout, I helped younger scouts learn valuable life skills such as community service, first aid, safety, and emergency preparedness. I was a Resident Assistant in college. My responsibilities focused around ensuring campus security for my fellow students. I also assisted in their transition to college life through life coaching. I currently lead a Bible study in my home, which enables me to continue living out my dedication to mentor others.

I will work to improve school safety and security, focus on fiscal responsibility, and enhance the learning environment.